Our Focus

Helping individuals discover, achieve and maintain financial happiness through customized solutions.

Disciplined Investment

As a Fee-Based, independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, Dixon Financial Services has the flexibility and fiduciary responsibility to manage client portfolios based on the client's best interests rather than Wall Street noise.  

We focus on:

  • Achieving a rate of return to meet your individual needs on your investable dollars.
  • Providing a balanced investment strategy to meet your long-term needs.
  • Selecting balanced investments that can provide liquidity for short-term needs and to maintain flexibility to meet changes in objectives and market conditions.
  • Maintaining diversification among available marketplaces to protect principal.
  • Continuous monitoring of investment strategy and financial plans.

Our investment approach:

1. Focuses your investment portfolio on meeting your life goals. It is an approach designed to help you manage your most important goals rather than to short-term market trends.

2. Is based on science and academic research. It combines the latest discoveries in economics and investing with more than 80 years of market data and insights as well as in-depth studies of investor psychology and behavior. 

3. Is a disciplined and structured approach. It helps protect against the common behavioral mistakes that can compromise your long-term financial goals.