Quality of Life

Our success is measured by our clients reaching their lifestyle goals and objectives.

Wealth Management

We believe that Financial Happiness is achieved when the decisions you make in implementing your lifestyle objectives are in balance with your core values and your financial resources. Dixon Financial Services will work as your personal CFO to implement core financial strategies that help you to achieve and maintain your personal goals.

Our unique approach to lifestyle planning includes working with you to establish what’s important about money to you, to look at your own individual needs and desires and to make informed financial decisions.   We work with you to develop a plan for your financial needs and objectives, based on healthy desires and focused on the things you can control.  With this foundation we then implement customized solutions that support your financial happiness.

We offer a variety of services from goal-setting and cash flow projections to tax, insurance, estate, and philanthropic planning. In reaching your financial lifestyle objectives there can be many professionals helping you along the way.  We believe in utilizing a Financial Advisory Team to help manage your resources and to provide you with beneficial solutions.  Our objective is to coordinate, as desired and requested by you, the activity of these advisors so that they work together to effectively plan for the Critical Financial Events in your life.

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