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Current Events:

Brexit: Insights on UK Referendum

After 43 years of European Union (EU) membership, the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the EU. Leading up to the vote on Thursday, June 23, the polls had the race too close to call, but some polls showed the vote to leave the EU was gaining traction. That traction carried through on voting day to give the leave campaign a solid victory.  This article briefly overviews some key factors in the UK referendum and its potential impact on investors


Mike Dixon on Asset Class Investing: Risk, Reward, Profitability


Design | Build | Protect
This brochure outlines our planning and investment process. It details a comprehensive 3-step approach that starts with identifying goals, moves to three decisions every investor has to make and concludes with a process for helping protect investors from the downfalls of emotional decisions and trying to outguess the market.


“A Different Dimension” and “Back to School: Fama, French Discuss Their Work.”
These two articles appeared in the January 4, 2014  edition ofBarron’s. The first article is a cover story on Dimensional Fund Advisors. The second article features Eugene Fama and Ken French discussing stocks, behavioral finance, and bubbles.

In the Media – Investing News

Outcome or Process — What Investment Focus Succeeds Over Time?
Washington Post
Focusing on your investment process, and not the outcome, should be your goal. Over the long term, a good process delivers highly desirable results, and generates better and more reliable outcomes.

Gurus Achieve an Astounding 47.4% Accuracy
After tracking 68 experts and 6,582 market forecasts, CXO Advisory Group has concluded that the average market prediction offered by experts has been below 50% accuracy.

Forget Market Timing, and Stick to a Balanced Fund
New York Times
Tactical asset managers offer some secret algorithm that can analyze macroeconomic forecasts and valuation formulas in hopes of identifying the ideal time to get in and out of broad asset classes like stocks and bonds. The problem is, none of us knows exactly when these turning points will happen. 


Professor Eugene Fama, one of the leading academics behind our structured investment approach was awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics. His research and analysis have transformed our understanding of markets, stock prices and investing.

Watch Professor Fama discuss the evolution of finance:

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